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Pet Portraits

Are you ready to have some fun and maybe a good laugh? 


Would you love to see a portrait of your pet displayed in a park? 

Perhaps you or someone you know likes to draw, paint or digitally create?  Great- this fundraiser is perfect for you!

We will send a picture of your pet to one of our "artists" and let them create a portrait to the best of their ability.  You see, we want everyone in our community, of any age and any skill level, to sign up and create art to celebrate World Art Day.

Will it be beautiful?  Maybe.  Will it look like your pet?  Perhaps.  At the very least your donation is guaranteed to go 100% to Community Paws and you will receive a special, one of a kind piece of art portraying your pet.

All portraits will be on display at the Verrado Village Green on April 17.  Sign up now to receive a portrait of your pet! 

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