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Adoptable Pets

While Community Paws is an animal welfare organization and not an animal rescue, we do frequently find ourselves in the position of needing to find loving homes for some of the countless animals who cross our paths. These could include strays whose owners were never found, pets whose owners surrendered them, or pets that were tragically "dumped" in the community.


Each of the animals you see pictured is currently looking for a forever home. Click on each photo for a bio about the animal.


If you are looking to adopt and would like to meet any of the available animals below, please get in touch to arrange an in person meeting.  We would love to add you to one of our many adoption success stories!

Adoption fees for dogs are $350.  Adoption fees for cats are $150.

Each pet is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped by a veterinarian. 

All they need is you!


Success Stories

These are many of the adoptions that Community Paws has helped make real.  Love connections like these are what fuel us and give us hope during the tough times. 


Thank you to all of you wonderful people who have given these animals a safe and loving home.  If you would like to join our success stories please get in touch!

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