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Adoptable Pets


German Shepard
2 Years old

Poppy was a street rescue, whose owner when found, decided to surrender her, as she needs medical care for an injured front leg that they were not able to provide.  She just showed up on their property one day and stayed so we know very little about her past.

She seems to be about 2yrs old and is a purebred German Shepherd.  Poppy is a wonderful dog who has nice manners, walks on leash well and gets along with other dogs. She is housebroken and crate trained. However she is over the top obsessed with cats, so she cannot go to a home with cats.


After being assessed by the vet, through x-rays we found she has an old break on her front leg that has healed badly due to not receiving the care she needed at the time. Her leg will likely need amputated, once her puppies have been adopted. As sad as this is dogs adapt very well, especially ones as young as Poppy and the most important thing is ending her constant pain.


She is currently on a careful pain management plan with medication that does not impact nursing puppies. Her very unexpected pregnancy paused our plans for Poppy's surgery.


Poppy truly is a sweetheart who deserves a wonderful home. She is extremely loving and would make a very loyal companion.

Poppy is available for Foster to Adopt.

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